Government coastal planning responses to rising sea levels in Australia and overseas

A recent report prepared by the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE-CRC) provides a general overview of the state of government coastal planning responses to the challenges posed by rising sea levels.

It aims to provide a comprehensive and succinct overview of the responsibilities of the respective levels of government in relation to coastal planning, and specific responses to the issue of sea level rise. For each jurisdiction the planning benchmarks set by  governments in relation to planning for sea level rise have been outlined. The report is not intended to provide an exhaustive summary of the coastal planning and climate change legislative/policy frameworks for each jurisdiction. Moreover, although the report does outline some 'areas for improvement' for each jurisdiction, the report is not designed to provide a critical analysis of government action.  It is hoped that the report will assist in the navigation of this complex issue and provide members of the public with an idea of the scope and nature of current government approaches.
To download the report, visit the ACE-CRC website: