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Spectacular New Species Found in "Lost World" - Mon 28th Oct 2013
National Geographic 25 October 2013
Warmer weather may have prompted early start to endangered green turtle mating season - Mon 28th Oct 2013
ABC News 27 October 2013 Observers on Lady Elliot Island off south-east Queensland say they have never seen so many endangered green turtles mating so early in the season.
Reef dredging may be delayed - Fri 25th Oct 2013
Sky News 25 October 2013 A decision on a controversial dredging project near the Great Barrier Reef may be delayed again.
Frog Herbicide Exposure Increases Risk of Dying from Fungal Disease - Fri 25th Oct 2013
Science World Report 24 October 2013
GBR – Water Quality Investigations Needed - Tue 22nd Oct 2013
Dredging Today 21 October 2013
Boat noise impacts on young fish - Fri 18th Oct 2013
ABC News 18 October 2013 North Queensland scientists have found boat engine noise is having a dramatic impact on the survival rates of young fish.
New port and dredging plan for Queensland - Fri 18th Oct 2013
Brisbane Times 17 October 2013 Dredging to develop major ports will be banned across the majority of Queensland's coast for a decade to help improve the health of the reef.



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