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Ocean acidification threatens marine life - Mon 16th Sep 2013 14 September 2013 NORMANBY ISLAND, Papua New Guinea (AP) — Katharina Fabricius plunged from a dive boat into the Pacific Ocean of tomorrow.
Communities to help form coastal management policy - Thu 12th Sep 2013
ABC News 11 September 2013
Frisky flying foxes delay Cairns council removal plan - Thu 12th Sep 2013
Cairns Post 12 September 2013 MANY say they're loud, stinky and grotty.
What is good science? And what gets public funding? - Wed 11th Sep 2013
The Conversation 11 September 2013
Science and industry join forces to unveil manta ray mysteries - Tue 10th Sep 2013
The University of Queensland 09 September 2013
New small fish species is a huge find in Gulf of Carpentaria - Mon 9th Sep 2013
Cairns Post 08 September 2013 A NEW species of fish has been discovered in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
New insights into how coral becomes bleached - Fri 6th Sep 2013
Mother Nature Network 05 September 2013
Study finds parrotfish have major say in Great Barrier Reef recovery - Fri 6th Sep 2013
Cairns Post 06 September 2013 CORAL reefs devastated by bleaching or cyclones are six times more likely to recover if they are in a protected marine zone.



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