Dr. Michelle Heupel


Dr. Heupel is an ARC Future Fellow jointly based at AIMS and JCU. Her postdoctoral experience includes a period at the Center for Shark Research at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida where she was a principal researcher in the Elasmobranch Behavioral Ecology Program. She is currently a member of the Threatened Species Scientific Committee, a member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, and acts as a Subject Editor for the International Journal of Marine and Coastal Fisheries.

Dr. Heupel is currently involved in projects examining the long-term residence and movement patterns of coastal and reef predators including sharks, rays and large bony fishes. This research will include defining how individuals use space in relation to human activities (i.e. fishing, marine park zoning, boating) and environmental change (i.e. response to salinity, temperature change or extreme weather events).