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Dr. James Butler has a multi-disciplinary background in agricultural economics, terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecology gained in southern Africa, northern Europe and Australia.

Dr. Helen Murphy is a Research Scientist at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences in Atherton. She joined CSIRO in 2005 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow examining how weeds impacted on rainforest community structure and function. The work provided information to land managers on which weeds had the greatest impact, and where in the landscape these impacts were most evident. She also established a large field-based program monitoring the response of weed species to Tropical Cyclone Larry and maintains close links with weed managers in the Wet Tropics and Biosecurity Queensland.

Dr. David Westcott joined CSIRO in 1995 after completing a PhD at the University of British Columbia. He currently leads the Ecosystem Function and Prediction Stream in CSIRO’s Healthy Terrestrial Ecosystems at Atherton, and is responsible for a team of scientists and technical staff studying the ecology of tropical rainforests and landscapes.

Dr. Dan Metcalfe is Research Program Leader for the Ecology Program at CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. He completed fieldwork for his PhD in the rainforests of South-east Asia before taking up a post-doctoral position in Australia working on the ecology and physiology of rainforest seedlings. He then returned to the UK for eight years working in academia before returning to Australia in 2004 to work with CSIRO Atherton.

Dr Marcus Lane leads a group of researchers concerned with improving Australia's environmental policy and planning.  Read more >

Dr. Rosemary Hill is the Research Team Leader, Geography, Human Ecology and Sustainability Science Group at CSIRO Cairns. Dr. Hill is a human geographer specialising in collaborative environmental governance and planning research with communities at multiple scales to foster social-ecological sustainability, with a particular focus on Indigenous systems. Her research interests lie in strategic natural resource governance and planning, specialising in biodiversity, sustainability, Indigenous and protected areas.


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