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Project 2.2. 'Mangrove and freshwater habitat status of Torres Strait islands'
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Media Release

30 September 2013

Researchers from James Cook University are leading a new project designed to ensure sustainable use and conservation of Australia’s sharks and rays.

Dr. Hoskin is currently on an Australian Biological Resources Study (ABRS) Postdoctoral Fellowship resolving the diversity, systematics and taxonomy of several reptile and frog groups of eastern and northern Australia. His research interests include evolution, ecology and conservation, systematics and taxonomy, with a particular focus on processes of population divergence (particularly in mating traits) and the formation of new species, particularly in frogs and reptiles. His current work involves hybrid zones between lineages of Green-eyed Treefrogs (Litoria serrata and L.

Dr Dan Metcalfe has been named Runner-up in the 'Ecosystems and Communities' category in the 2013 British Ecological Society (BES) Photographic Competition. Dr Metcalfe (Project 7.1 Fire and Rainforests) is Research Program Leader for Ecology in CSIRO’s Ecosystem Sciences Division, based in Brisbane.


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