Catterall, C., Kanowski, J. and Grimbacher, P. 2011. The capacity of different plantation designs to restore stocks of carbon versus biodiversity. Pp 125-130 in Majid, N.M, Ahmed, O.H., Sajap, A.S and Islam, M.M. (eds.) Proceedings of International Symposium on Rehabilitation of Tropical Rainforest Ecosystems. Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Online at: www.forr2.upm.edu.my/frp/images/abstract1.pdf.

Supported through MTSRF funding.

Bradford MG,  Westcott DA (2011). Predation of cassowary dispersed seeds: is the cassowary an effective disperser? Integrative Zoology 6: 168 - 177.

Supported by MTSRF funding.

The NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub Second Annual Work Plan (AWP2) details the milestones to be completed by each Hub funded project in 2012-2013.



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