Torres Strait

Helene Marsh (JCU); Dugongs and turtles in Torres Strait and the Great Barrier Reef: The big picture; Wednesday 5th November.


Erin Bohensky (CSIRO), James Butler (CSIRO), Tim Skewes (CSIRO), Yiheyis Maru (CSIRO)

Jon Brodie (JCU); Water quality hazard assessment and monitoring in the Torres Strait; 5th November 2014.


Damien Burrows (JCU), Norm Duke (JCU), Mark Geyle (TSRA); Mangrove, freshwater and coastal wetlands; Wednesday 5th November.


Scott Bainbridge (AIMS), Stan Lui (TSRA); Monitoring the Health of Torres Strait Reefs; Wednesday 5th November 2014.



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