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ABC Radio National

13 August 2012

Worldwide, frogs are in decline. And Australia is no exception. There was a dramatic crash in the early 1990s after the arrival of the deadly Chytrid fungus.

Some species are still in trouble. But populations for others appear to be stabilising.

ABC Radio's Fran Kelly talks to Dr. Conrad Hoskin about this subject. Listen now



The Brisbane Institute

12 July 2012

How much frog and reptile diversity is out there? How does this diversity form? How do we discover and describe this diversity? How can we conserve Queensland’s diversity?

UQ alumnus, Dr Conrad Hoskin takes you on an adventurous journey to discover and re-discover some of Queensland’s most fascinating frog and reptile species. An ecologist and conservation biologist, Dr Hoskin has discovered spectacular new species, rediscovered a frog species long thought to be extinct, and defined how new species can form. Read more


Mareeba Express

17 April 2013

Environmental scientists from James Cook University (JCU) believe they have discovered a new species of native frog on the southern Tableland.

Dr Conrad Hoskin a lecturer at JCU's Townsville campus, along with his team, believe that a population pocket of the Whirring Tree Frog (litoria revelata), pictured right, could be a unique species. Read more




CSIRO Publishing


Puschendorf, R., Alford, R.A., Ross, A., Hoskin, C.J., Cashins, S. (2012) Waterfall Frog Litoria nannotis, in: Queensland's Threatened Animals. CSIRO Publishing.


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