Andrew Tobin (JCU); Sharks and marine parks: effectiveness of zoning for mobile predators; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Colin A Simpfendorfer (JCU), Andrew Tobin (JCU), Peter Yates (JCU), Michelle R Heupel (JCU, AIMS); The role of nursery areas in the management and conservation of inshore sharks. Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Cathy Dichmont (CSIRO); Setting management objectives for inshore biodiversity; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Conrad Hoskin (JCU) and Robert Puschendorf (Plymouth University); Surveys for missing & endangered rainforest frogs and other fauna in peripheral areas; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Damian Miley (TSRA); What does the future hold for Torres Strait and its Indigenous People?; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Damien Burrows (JCU), Norm Duke (JCU), Jock Mackenzie (JCU); Wetland Habitats of Torres Strait; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Dan Metcalfe (CSIRO), Andrew Ford (CSIRO); Littoral rainforest, Mabi forest & Mahogany Glider habitat; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Erin Bohensky (CSIRO); Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Geoff Jones (JCU); Dave Williamson, Hugo Harrison, Jeff Leis, Lou Mason, Severine Choukroun, Michael Berumen, Jessica Hopf, Sean Connolly, Glenn Almany, Ashley Frisch. Protecting the next generation: do marine reserves and size limits supplement recruitment of coral trout. Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Helen Murphy (CSIRO); Prioritising weed management in connected landscapes; Tuesday 7th May 2013.




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