Helene Marsh (JCU); A context for Indigenous co-research in our region. Implementing the NERP TE Hub Indigenous Engagement strategy. Building effective Indigenous –Science partnership for bio-cultural diversity conservation; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Helene Marsh (JCU); Developing Indigenous management outcomes from dugong research in Torres Strait; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); Keeping an eye on the reefs of Torres Strait; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); History and status of crown-of-thorns starfish on the GBR; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Joann Schmider; Indigenous co-management and biodiversity protection Implementing Indigenous Engagement Principles:  working in co-research mode to generate knowledge and achieve practical sustainable outcome; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


John Bennett (DEHP); GBR Water Quality – what do we know and what more needs to be done? The Reef and its ecosystems – how are they shaping up?; Thursday 9th May 2013.


Jon Brodie (JCU), Jane Waterhouse, Will Higham, Eric Wolanski, Caroline Petus, Matt Brodbeck, John Rainbird, Frank Loban, Jo Johnson, Vic McGrath; Torres Strait Water Quality Hazard Assessment; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Justin Welbergen (JCU); Climate change, extreme events and biodiversity in the Wet Tropics; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Mark Read (GBRMPA); Managing natural resources for future generations; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Melissa George, Leah Talbot, Stan Lui; NERP Indigenous Engagement Strategy - 2013-2014 Including Torres Strait Guidelines; Tuesday 7th May 2013.




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