Erin Bohensky (CSIRO), James Butler (CSIRO), Tim Skewes (CSIRO), Yiheyis Maru (CSIRO), Sara Busilacchi (CSIRO), Cass Hunter (CSIRO), John Rainbird (TSRA), Vic McGrath (TSRA), Miya Isherwood (TSRA), Fiona Morseu (TSRA), Cr. Fraser Nai (TSIRC); Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures; 5th November 2014.


Video to accompany the presentation can be viewed here.

Glen De'ath (AIMS); 27-year decline in coral cover on the GBR; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


Helene Marsh (JCU); Dugongs and turtles in Torres Strait and the Great Barrier Reef: The big picture; Wednesday 5th November.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); Down and staying down? Signs of recovery in GBR corals; Wednesday 5th November.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); Some effects of protection from fishing on offshore reefs of the GBRWHA; Thursday 6th November.


John Pandolfi (UQ); Shifted ecological baselines on the nearshore Great Barrier Reef; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


Jon Brodie (JCU); Water quality hazard assessment and monitoring in the Torres Strait; 5th November 2014.


Jon Brodie (JCU); The relationship between river discharges and water clarity in the Great Barrier Reef; Thursday 6th November.


Justin Welbergen (JCU); Climate change, extreme events and biodiversity in the Wet Tropics; Thursday 6th November.


Ken Anthony (AIMS), Nick Wolff, Pete Mumby, Karlo Hock, Michelle Devlin, Roger Beeden; Decision support for a vulnerable GBR under environmental change; 5th November 2014.




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