Mark Hamann, Mariana Fuentes (JCU), Helene Marsh (JCU); Tracking turtle and dugong. Wednesday 5th November.


Michelle Esparon (JCU); What do residents and tourists 'value' in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area?; Thursday 6th November.


Nadine Marshall (CSIRO); Social and Economic Long-Term Monitoring Program (SELTMP); Wednesday 5th November.


Natalie Stoeckl (JCU); Socioeconomic systems and reef resilience; Wednesday 5th November.


Ro Hill (CSIRO); Collaborative governance of Wet Tropics country; Thursday 6th November.


Scott Bainbridge (AIMS), Stan Lui (TSRA); Monitoring the Health of Torres Strait Reefs; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


Susan Laurance (JCU), Dagmar Meyer Steiger (JCU), Scott Ritchie (JCU), Mark Geyle (TSRA), Vic McGrath (TSRA); Improved mosquito disease detection and prevention of spread in the Torres Strait; Wednesday 5th November.


Below are links to presentations given by project leaders at the NERP TE Hub Brisbane Seminar, held 5th September 2014 at EHP Building, 400 George St, Brisbane. The Seminar was attended by 65 Queensland Government Agency and non-government agency staff. The event aimed to inform Queensland Government agency staff and non-government stakeholders of the Hub research outputs, tools and other potential applications for policy, planning and management applicability.


Event Program

Introduction to the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub
Dr Peter Doherty, Science Leader, NERP TE Hub

Dugongs, turtles and coastal dolphins in the GBR and Torres Strait: perceptions and reality
Prof Helene Marsh, JCU

Socio-economic value of GBR and Wet Tropics goods and services
Prof Natalie Stoeckl, JCU

Decision support systems for GBR managers
Dr Cathy Dichmont, CSIRO

Biosecurity and improved disease detection approaches in the Torres Strait
Assoc Prof Sue Laurance, JCU

Movements and habitat use by marine apex predators
Prof Colin Simpfendorfer, JCU

Water quality of the GBR and Torres Strait: Cumulative impacts on bethnic biodiversity
Dr Britta Schaffelke, AIMS

Maximising resilience of Wet Tropics biodiversity
Prof Steve Williams, JCU

Rainforest refugia and hotspots of plant genetic diversity
Prof Darren Crayn, ATH / JCU

Threats to rainforest health and monitoring of key species
Dr David Westcott, CSIRO

Fire and rainforests
Dr Dan Metcalfe, CSIRO

Rainforest restoration and revegetation
Dr Carla Catterall, GU & Dr Luke Shoo, UQ
NERP Project 12.2 Results Factsheet
MTSRF Rainforest restoration: approaches, costs and biodiversity outcomes Factsheet



Devlin, M., Brodie, J., Wengner, A., da Silva, E., Alvarez-Romero., J.G., Waterhouse, J., McKenzie, L. (2012) Chronic and acute influences on the Great Barrier Reef: Putting extreme weather conditions in context. ICRS proceedings.

Stoeckl, N. (2014) A preliminary exploration of tourists as a key stakeholder in climate change impact management.


Paper presented at the 2014 CAUTHE national conference Tourism and hospitality in the contemporary world: trends, change and complexity, held in Brisbane, 10-13 February 2014 at Sofitel Brisbane Central.




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