e-Atlas Update

Project 13.1 

Project Leader: Dr. Eric Lawrey - AIMS

The e-Atlas has been updating and improving its systems and processes to be ready for NERP-TE content.

new mapping client has been developed that provides better integration capabilities and access to map layer information.

This has allowed integration with the TRaCK (Tropical Rivers and Coastal Knowledge) Digital Atlas.

Hundreds of layers generated from this research program are now accessible through the e-Atlas. In the future the e-Atlas will integrate with many other map sources.

A new tool (based on R scripts) has been developed to allow processing and loading of datasets with many layers.

This tool has been trialled on two datasets, but is expected to be a key tool in efficiently producing visualisations for all NERP TE Hub projects as well as assisting in the display of GIS data holdings of the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA).


Recent, new or updated content:


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