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Debate over Great Barrier Reef dredging reaches fever pitch - Mon 29th Jul 2013
Daily Mercury 27 July 2013
U.S. Navy to Recover Bombs from Great Barrier Reef - Mon 29th Jul 2013
Scientific American 25 July 2013
The disease vectors, my friend, are blowing in the wind - Thu 25th Jul 2013
Australian researchers are developing a new tool to help track and manage the vast numbers of disease-carrying insects blown from Asia into northern Australia every year by cyclones and monsoon wi
As temperatures rise, tropical forests absorb less CO2 - Wed 24th Jul 2013
The Conversation 23 July 2013 Rising temperatures are linked to a decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption by tropical forests, according to a 50-year study published today.
Fears of bad chemicals in Barron River - Wed 24th Jul 2013
Cairns Post 24 July 2013 FRESH concerns have surfaced about potentially harmful chemicals going untested in drinking water sourced from the Barron River.
Conservationist demands end to dugong hunt as numbers plummet - Mon 22nd Jul 2013
Herald Sun 19 July 2013 A CONSERVATIONIST has called for an end to all indigenous hunting of dugongs until the species recovers as numbers dwindle dramatically.
Supporting Indigenous management of Queensland’s sea country - Mon 22nd Jul 2013
The Hon Mark Butler MP Media Release 17 July 2013 Supporting Indigenous management of Queensland’s sea country



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