Dr. Andrew Negri

Dr. Negri is a Senior Research Scientist in Water Quality & Ecosystem Health at AIMS. His background and training is in analytical chemistry and toxin research and he has spent 10 years at AIMS and CSIRO studying the chemistry, distribution and accumulation of natural toxins in marine and freshwater ecosystems. In the late 1990s, his research became more coral reef-oriented, including studies on the natural chemistry and microbiology responsible for coral larval settlement. Since 2000, Dr. Negri has been identifying the toxic thresholds of anthropogenic contaminants on a range of marine species, including corals (all life history stages), sponges and algae. Recent research focuses on understanding the combined effects of climate change and pollution on tropical marine organisms.

His current research focuses on understanding the combined effects of pollution and climate change on tropical marine organisms. Pollutants of interest include pesticides, metals, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), petroleum products and sediments from dredging, while the marine organisms studied include all of the life history stages of coral, micro and macroalgae, sponges and fish.