Dr. Damien Burrows


Dr. Burrows has been Director of TropWATER for five years. He specialises in freshwater, estuarine and coastal aquatic ecosystems and catchment management and has 22 years research experience in the tropics. Most of his professional life has been spent studying freshwater and estuarine ecosystems with particular emphasis on applied aspects of their management in relation to development pressures. This has involved extensive work with industry, community and government from grassroots to policy level.

His current work examines the ecology of wetlands, water quality, biological control of weeds, the ecology of fish and invertebrates, grazing management in riparian ecosystems, wetland management in cropping catchments, planning for water resource developments, fisheries management, and catchment planning and management. He has recently focused on developing the coastal ecosystems side of TropWATER, especially mangrove, seagrass and estuarine habitats.