Project 11.1 'Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures'

Project 11.1 'Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures'

Through participatory scenario planning with Torres Strait and Papua New Guinean communities and stakeholders, informed by integrated ecosystem and climate modelling, this project aims to explore potential future scenarios for the region, and identify ‘best bet’ strategies to protect livelihoods and achieve sustainable economic development. This will respond in part to the 2010 Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee Inquiry, which recommended an analysis of the vulnerability of the Torres Strait to climate change and other future pressures. The project will assist the delivery of ongoing TSRA, SEWPAC and DFAT initiatives promoting climate adaptation, alternative livelihoods and economic development in the region, including:

  • The TSRA’s community climate change adaptation plans under the Torres Strait Climate Change Strategy;
  • The Torres Strait Treaty’s Joint Advisory Committee and Environmental Management Committee’s objectives of achieving food security and alternative livelihoods in the Western Province, PNG;
  • The Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Regional Plan;
  • The TSRA’s Sustainable Land Use Plans; and
  • The Integrated Service Delivery Framework.

Project outputs at a glance

The project outcome will be the improved capacity of communities and stakeholders in the Torres Strait to anticipate and respond pro-actively to future sustainability challenges through:

  • Increased awareness of drivers of change at local and larger scales;
  • Exploration of alternative livelihoods and ‘best bet’ strategies and policies;
  • Increased capacity to avoid mal-adaptive strategies;
  • Development of community-based holistic plans to support adaptation planning for climate change and sustainability challenges; and
  • Enhanced design and delivery of relevant international, national and regional policies and strategies for building sustainable and resilient communities.

Specific objectives and intended outputs of this Project are detailed in the NERP TE Hub Multi-Year Research Plan.

Final Factsheet

Torres Strait Futures: Results and Recommendations

Project Factsheet     Project Factsheet for the Torres Strait community

Milestone Reports

Downscaled Climate Projections for the Torres Strait Region: 8 km2 results for 2055 and 2090

Preliminary identication and valuation of ecosystem goods and services underpinning Torres Strait livelihoods

Synthesis and projections of human population and socio-economic drivers in Torres Strait and Western Province, PNG

Technical Reports

Drivers of change in the Torres Strait region: status and trends

Erub Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Community Future Scenarios and Adaptation Strategies

Mabuiag Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Community Future Scenarios and Adaptation Strategies

Masig Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Community Future Scenarios and Adaptation Strategies

Torres Strait Futures: Regional Stakeholders’ Future Scenarios and Livelihood Adaptation Strategies


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Project Duration: 
1 Jul 2011 to 31 Dec 2014


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Project Outputs