Research Synthesis Product

Devlin, M., Fabricius, K., Negri, A., Brodie, J., Waterhouse, J., Uthicke, S., Collier, C., Pressey, B., Augé, A., Reid, B., Woodberry, O., Zhao, J-x., Clarke, T., Pandolfi, J., Bennett, J.

Johnson, J.E., Marsh, H., Hamann, M., Duke, N., Burrows, D., Bainbridge, S., Sweatman, H., Brodie, J., Bohensky, E., Butler, J., Laurance, S.

Carmody, J., Murphy, H., Hill, R., Catterall, C., Goosem, S., Dale, A., Westcott, D., Welbergen, J., Shoo, L., Stoeckl, N., Esparon, M.

Donnelly, R., Yates, P., Schlaff, A., Espinoza, M., Matley, J., Ledee, E., Currey, L., de Faria, F., Moore, S. (2015) Spatial Management and Sharks on the Great Barrier Reef.


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