Theme 3 'Managing for resilient tropical systems'

Research undertaken within Theme 3 will provide knowledge and options to assist key decision makers in government, industry and the community in managing the complex ecosystems of the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics rainforest (including the World Heritage Area) and Torres Strait.  Theme 3 draws on the assessment of ecological condition and trends undertaken in Theme 1 and the improved understanding of ecosystem function and cumulative pressures from Theme 2. Theme 3 will provide tools and information for evidence-based decision making that address the pressures and sustains resilient ecological, social and economic systems.


Examples of expected benefits:
The expected outcomes of this research are highly relevant to the Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report’s identified key issues and risks: fisheries impacts and the zoning plan.
This research will also feed directly into management effectiveness and ecosystem resilience chapters of the Great Barrier Reef Outlook report; sustainable development in the Torres Strait; management of invasive species in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area; and biosecurity planning to protect Australian ecosystems from species moving through the Torres Strait.

Theme 3 consists of five Programs:


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