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The Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2009 is a stock-take of the Great Barrier Reef, its management and its future.

The aim of the Outlook Report is to provide information about:

The reefs of Torres Strait are threatened by a variety of local and global agents: notably climate change (widespread coral bleaching was recorded for the first time in 2010), but also by the coral feeding crown-of-thorns starfish and increasing levels of coral diseases.

Coral reefs are showing evidence of decline on local, regional and global scales. Historical overfishing, nutrient loading and terrestrial discharge, combined with more recent threats of global warming, coral bleaching, ocean acidification and disease have resulted in long-term losses of abundance, diversity and habitat structure. Since European settlement of the Queensland coastline in the mid-19th century, extensive land use changes in the GBR catchment region have occurred resulting from grazing, agriculture and land clearance.

Program 1 has three projects which will assess the condition and trend of Great Barrier Reef assets. Two of these concern temporal changes in coral communities: one over timescales of the last 100-200 years, and one based on current monitoring of approximately 100 coral reefs that are representative of the whole system. The latter provides a synoptic view of coral cover and continues a time series commenced in 1986.

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