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The Great Barrier Reef Outlook Report 2009 is a stock-take of the Great Barrier Reef, its management and its future.

The aim of the Outlook Report is to provide information about:

Dr. Anthony is Program Leader: Healthy and Resilient Great Barrier Reef at AIMS. His key interest is in understanding coral reef ecosystem resilience under climate and ocean change. Ken started his career in 1995 when he pursued a PhD at JCU in coral reef biology. He then evolved from a physiologist to a broad systems ecologist seeing problems through two lenses: marine science and environmental management.

Dr. Fabricius is a Principal Research Scientist and coral reef ecologist at AIMS. She has worked as a coral reef ecologist since 1988, with most of her research directed at better understanding the roles of disturbances (especially ocean acidification, climate change and terrestrial run-off) on ecological processes in coral reefs, and their consequences. In this context, Dr.

Dr Peter Doherty is the Research Director at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, based in Townsville.  His expertise lies in the ecology and genetics of coral reef fishes, emphasising processes driving the connectivity, replenishment and dynamics of their populations.  Peter performs the role of Science Leader for the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub.  As Science Leader, Peter will be regarded as the 'public face' for the Hub and, together with research providers, the primary media contact. 

Dr. Williamson is a postdoctoral fellow at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at JCU. His research interests include larval dispersal of exploited reef fish, genetic connectivity of populations and potential export effects of marine protected areas (MPA’s) within the GBR marine park. David has worked on Australian and international research and monitoring projects for organizations including the GBRMPA, the French Institute for Research and Development and the US based Smithsonian Institute.


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