Theme 1 'Assessing Ecosystem Condition and Trend'

Program 3 will have four projects focused on biodiversity drivers of Queensland’s Wet Tropics rainforests, particularly rainforest refugia and hot spots of genetic diversity in the World Heritage Area and adjacent Cape York regions. The Program will deliver species distribution models and composite biodiversity maps using long term data sets to describe patterns of environmental change. The Program will also search for remnant populations of critically endangered frogs and monitor the abundance of key vertebrate species such as the cassowary and the spectacled flying fox.

Program 1 has three projects which will assess the condition and trend of Great Barrier Reef assets. Two of these concern temporal changes in coral communities: one over timescales of the last 100-200 years, and one based on current monitoring of approximately 100 coral reefs that are representative of the whole system. The latter provides a synoptic view of coral cover and continues a time series commenced in 1986.

Program 2 will have three projects assessing the condition and trend of Torres Strait assets.

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