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Rainforest essential for world’s smallest kangaroo - Tue 6th May 2014
The University of Queensland 05 May 2014
NASA satellites used to protect reef - Wed 23rd Apr 2014
SBS 23 April 2014 NASA satellites are being used to show where polluted water runs into the Great Barrier Reef, helping researchers understand its impacts.
Climate change will damage Australia's coastal infrastructure, says IPCC - Tue 1st Apr 2014
The Guardian 31 March 2014
Ocean acidification will threaten fish stocks - Mon 31st Mar 2014
Blue & Green Tomorrow 27 March 2014
Killer climate: tens of thousands of flying foxes dead in a day - Tue 25th Feb 2014
This summer we have seen one of the most dramatic animal die-offs ever recorded in Australia: at least 45,500 flying foxes dead on just one extremely hot day in southeast Queensland, according to
Wet Tropics among most irreplaceable protected areas - Wed 12th Feb 2014
The Newsport Daily 11 February 2014



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