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Reef fish find it too hot to swim: study - Thu 28th Nov 2013
9 News 27 November 2013
How would you run the reef? - Wed 27th Nov 2013
ABC News 26 November 2013 The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority is inviting discussion on how best to manage the reef.
Qld Government to protect Steve Irwin reserve in Cape York from mining - Wed 20th Nov 2013
ABC News 20 November 2013
The Great Barrier Reef like you've never seen it before - Wed 20th Nov 2013
Cairns Post 20 November 2013 NEW detailed 3D maps covering the entire Great Barrier Reef are set to revolutionise how scientists view the world-famous attraction.
The Great Barrier Reef's spawning spectacular of coral - Tue 19th Nov 2013
Cairns Post 18 November 2013 A REGULAR event off Cairns has been dubbed "sex on the reef", a time when coral gets down and dirty.
Plans to dump dredge spoils on Great Barrier Reef heritage area axed - Mon 18th Nov 2013
ABC News 17 November 2013 The Federal Government has axed plans to dump dredge spoils into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage area off Gladstone in central Queensland.
Natural Selection Favors Corals Vulnerable to Climate Change - Mon 18th Nov 2013
Science World Report 15 November 2013
Rainforest carbon recovers faster than biodiversity - Mon 18th Nov 2013
NERC Science of the Environment 15 November 2013



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