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Science World Report

21 August 2013

The Conversation

22 August 2013

Brisbane Times

21 August 2013

Science Alert

21 August 2013

Round the planet the loveable clownfish Nemo may be losing his home, a new scientific study has revealed.

Courier Mail

20 August 2013

EXPLORE Australia's majestic Great Barrier Reef without getting wet, saying hello to Nemo, Dory and chums via an underwater Google Maps tour.

Cairns Post

17 August 2013

Herald Sun

16 August 2013

THE navy has successfully located four unexploded bombs on the Great Barrier Reef, exactly one month after they were dropped by US fighter jets.

Science Network Western Australia

16 August 2013

The Conversation

15 August 2013

Leatherback turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) are the largest, oldest and most widely distributed of the world’s marine turtles.

The Guardian

15 August 2013



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