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Herald Sun

01 August 2013

MINI versions of the Great Barrier Reef will be used by scientists to develop ways of combating threats to the nation's underwater jewel.

The Conversation

02 August 2013

The Conversation

01 August 2013


Al Jazeera

24 July 2013

With the venomous Crown of Thorns starfish decimating Australia's Barrier Reef, hope comes from a surprising source.

30 July 2013

SCIENTISTS have developed a new super sunscreen that mimics the way Great Barrier Reef corals protect themselves from UV light.

The Conversation

17 July 2013

Daily Mercury

27 July 2013

Scientific American

25 July 2013

Australian researchers are developing a new tool to help track and manage the vast numbers of disease-carrying insects blown from Asia into northern Australia every year by cyclones and monsoon wi

The Conversation

23 July 2013

Rising temperatures are linked to a decrease in carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption by tropical forests, according to a 50-year study published today.



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