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ABC News

07 November 2013

Scientists are worried the Great Barrier Reef is on the verge of being hit by the most damaging crown of thorns starfish outbreak on record.

The Conversation

01 November 2013

The Queensland and Australian government’s draft strategic assessment of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area has been released today.


01 November 2013

Gladstone Observer

01 November 2013

THE whales have just gone and now the turtles are close behind, swimming into the beaches of The Discovery Coast.

7 News

31 October 2013

Plans to let more mines release excess water into Queensland rivers will pose a threat to the Great Barrier Reef, the Greens say.

Gladstone Observer

31 October 2013

RESEARCH into coral on the Great Barrier Reef has shown the long-term effects of fertiliser run-off on the health of the reef.


30 October 2013

Young parrotfish rapidly expand their coral reef home range but only until they reach adulthood, scientists have found.


7.30pm - 30 October 2013

Marine scientists across the world are racing to tackle the most urgent environmental challenge facing our planet today - ocean acidification. 

National Geographic

25 October 2013

ABC News

27 October 2013

Observers on Lady Elliot Island off south-east Queensland say they have never seen so many endangered green turtles mating so early in the season.



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