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Sky News

25 October 2013

A decision on a controversial dredging project near the Great Barrier Reef may be delayed again.

Science World Report

24 October 2013

Cairns Post

22 October 2013

Dredging Today

21 October 2013

ABC News

18 October 2013

North Queensland scientists have found boat engine noise is having a dramatic impact on the survival rates of young fish.

Brisbane Times

17 October 2013

Dredging to develop major ports will be banned across the majority of Queensland's coast for a decade to help improve the health of the reef.

The Conversation

17 October 2013

15 October 2013

The Conversation

15 October 2013

New weed control techniques developed for sugarcane crops in Queensland could reduce herbicide runoffs into the Great Barrier Reef by 90%.

The Morning Bulletin

15 October 2013



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