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Gladstone Observer

01 November 2013

THE whales have just gone and now the turtles are close behind, swimming into the beaches of The Discovery Coast.

We've just seen another bumper migration of mostly humpback whales, up and then back along the Queensland coastline. Read more


7 News

31 October 2013

Plans to let more mines release excess water into Queensland rivers will pose a threat to the Great Barrier Reef, the Greens say.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney has told parliament he expects more mines to carry out the practice under a pilot program this wet season. Read more


Gladstone Observer

31 October 2013

RESEARCH into coral on the Great Barrier Reef has shown the long-term effects of fertiliser run-off on the health of the reef.

Research by Dr Jennie Mallela, from Australian National University's Research School of Earth Sciences and the Research School of Biology, has shown that the levels of phosphorous in coral located close to shore have increased over recent decades. Read more



30 October 2013

Young parrotfish rapidly expand their coral reef home range but only until they reach adulthood, scientists have found.

Researchers in Australia mapped the movements of individuals from very young juveniles to mature adults. Read more


National Geographic

25 October 2013

Exploration of a "lost world" on a remote Australian peninsula has yielded the discovery of three new species, including a leaf-tailed gecko with spindly legs and unusually big eyes.

ABC News

27 October 2013

Observers on Lady Elliot Island off south-east Queensland say they have never seen so many endangered green turtles mating so early in the season.

The island, at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, is a haven for wildlife and for the past month it has been a focal point of animal activity. Read more


Sky News

25 October 2013

A decision on a controversial dredging project near the Great Barrier Reef may be delayed again.

The federal government expects to make a call on the project before the end of the year, but won't say whether it will meet the previous Labor government's November 9 deadline. Read More


Science World Report

24 October 2013

Amphibians are declining across the globe. The increase of pollution and changing climate are drastically impacting these animal populations. Now, scientists have discovered something else about this amphibian decline. It turns out that the combination of the herbicide atrazine and a fungal disease is particularly deadly to frogs. The findings could help inform future decisions about where and when to use this particular chemical.

Cairns Post

22 October 2013

DNA samples collected from the hair and poo of the rare Lumholtz tree kangaroo could pave the way for better protection for the species which has puzzled researchers for years.

Dredging Today

21 October 2013

Environment group Save the Reef says the new federal Minister for the Environment, Greg Hunt, should reconvene the Independent Review of the Port of Gladstone given the latest revelations about water quality in the harbour.


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