Conference / Workshop Presentation

Melissa George, Leah Talbot, Stan Lui; Indigenous Bio-Cultural Engagement: Principles, Practice and Protocols; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Joann Schmider; Indigenous co-management and biodiversity protection Implementing Indigenous Engagement Principles:  working in co-research mode to generate knowledge and achieve practical sustainable outcome; Tuesday 7th May 2013.

Michael Douglas (NERP Northern Hub); The NERP Northern Australia Hub: Tropical ecosystems on the other side of the Great Divide; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Zhao J, Pandolfi J, Clark T, Done T, Smithers S, Lewis S, McCulloch M, Roff G, McCook L, Welsh K, Feng Y, Rodriguez-Ramirez A, Liu E, Markham H, Leonard N, Lepore M, Prazeres M, Butler I, D'Olivo J, Rogers E, Ryan E; Historical changes on the GB

Peter Doherty (AIMS); The recent Australian Government response to outbreaks of coral-eating starfish on the Great Barrier Reef; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Peter Doherty (AIMS); Introduction to the Tropical Ecosystems Hub of the National Environmental Research Program. Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); History and status of crown-of-thorns starfish on the GBR; Wednesday 8th May 2013.



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