Conference / Workshop Presentation

Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); Keeping an eye on the reefs of Torres Strait; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Zula Altai (JCU), Leon Appo (ACU), Adriana Chacon (JCU), Jon Brodie (JCU), Taha Chaiechi (JCU), Bob Costanza (JCU), Michelle Esparon (JCU), Cheryl Fernandez (JCU), Margaret Gooch (GBRMPA), Diane Jarvis (JCU), Ida Kubiszewski (JCU), Silva Larson

Sven Uthicke (AIMS), Katharina Fabricius, Andrew Negri, Sam Noonan, Florita Flores, Frances Patel, Michelle Liddy, Niko Vogel, Melissa Rocker, Yan Xiang Ow, Martinda de Freitas-Prazeres, Adriana Humanes Schumann; Experimental and field investi

Damien Burrows (JCU), Norm Duke (JCU), Jock Mackenzie (JCU); Wetland Habitats of Torres Strait; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Helen Murphy (CSIRO); Prioritising weed management in connected landscapes; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Damian Miley (TSRA); What does the future hold for Torres Strait and its Indigenous People?; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Justin Welbergen (JCU); Climate change, extreme events and biodiversity in the Wet Tropics; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Cathy Dichmont (CSIRO); Setting management objectives for inshore biodiversity; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Conrad Hoskin (JCU) and Robert Puschendorf (Plymouth University); Surveys for missing & endangered rainforest frogs and other fauna in peripheral areas; Tuesday 7th May 2013.


Colin A Simpfendorfer (JCU), Andrew Tobin (JCU), Peter Yates (JCU), Michelle R Heupel (JCU, AIMS); The role of nursery areas in the management and conservation of inshore sharks. Wednesday 8th May 2013.



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