Conference / Workshop Presentation

Damien Burrows (JCU), Norm Duke (JCU), Mark Geyle (TSRA); Mangrove, freshwater and coastal wetlands; Wednesday 5th November.


Hugh Sweatman (AIMS); Down and staying down? Signs of recovery in GBR corals; Wednesday 5th November.


Glen De'ath (AIMS); 27-year decline in coral cover on the GBR; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


John Pandolfi (UQ); Shifted ecological baselines on the nearshore Great Barrier Reef; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


Scott Bainbridge (AIMS), Stan Lui (TSRA); Monitoring the Health of Torres Strait Reefs; Wednesday 5th November 2014.


Below are links to presentations given by project leaders at the NERP TE Hub Brisbane Seminar, held 5th September 2014 at EHP Building, 400 George St, Brisbane. The Seminar was attended by 65 Queensland Government Agency and non-government agency staff.


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