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Cairns Post

7 May 2013

Catch up with what's going on with the NERP Tropical Ecoystems Hub Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Program with our latest highlights brochure by clicking

This year the NERP TE Hub and Reef Rescue R&D will hold a joint conference at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns between the 7th and the 10th of May 2013

Big fish that have grown up in marine reserves do not seem to know enough to avoid fishers armed with spear guns waiting outside the reserve.

Rising CO2 harms coral reef building blocks

Townsville Bulletin

22 October 2012

The Age 

06 October 2012

612 ABC Brisbane

18 October 2012

We all know that the floods of 2011 were a huge event, but it seems the effects are still being felt off the coast.

The Age

02 October 2012

The Australian 

02 October 2012



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