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Severe weather along the Queensland coast in the summer of 2010-11 has affected the Great Barrier Reef’s endangered dugong population.

An international team of scientists, including NERP researchers Garry Russ and Geoffrey Jones, has gathered the first conclusive evidence that marine reserves can help restock exploited fish popul

JCU mangrove researchers and leaders of NERP project 2.2, Dr Norm Duke and Dr Damien Burrows, will be attending an international conference on mangrove ecosystems in Sri Lanka in early July.

The Great Barrier Reef shark population is highly diverse and inshore areas in the central section of the marine park play an important role for both juvenile and adult sharks.

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Project 13.1 

Project Leader: Dr. Eric Lawrey - AIMS

Project 7.3

Project Leader: Justin Welbergen – JCU

Project 5.3

Project Leaders: Catherine Collier, Michelle Devlin and Jorge Alvarez-Romero - JCU

Project 4.3

Project Leaders: Jon Brodie - JCU and Rai Kookana - CSIRO


Project 2.3

Project Leader: Dr Ray Berkelmans - AIMS



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