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02 October 2012

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02 October 2012

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02 October 2012


05 October 2012

Pesticides, and particularly herbicides from agricultural sources, have been detected in near-shore sites of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR) all year round.

The e-Atlas has expanded its range of base layers to incorporate some of the best maps and imagery available on the web.

Climate matching has been completed for current and future climate scenarios in the Wet Tropics and high risk source areas for future weed risks have been identified.  We are working through a pro

The aim of this project is to get a better understanding of the Great Barrier Reef’s non-market values, such as recreation, resources and amenity. Focusing on GBR residents, Natalie and her collea

Emerging infectious diseases are on the rise with future outbreaks predicted to occur in frontier regions of tropical countries. Disease surveillance in these hotspots is challenging because sampl

Researchers have discovered that species of rainforest frogs previously thought to be extinct are living outside their ‘normal’ range in dry sclerophyll forest.



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