Erin Bohensky (CSIRO); Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures; Wednesday 8th May 2013.


Erin Bohensky (CSIRO), James Butler (CSIRO), Tim Skewes (CSIRO), Yiheyis Maru (CSIRO), Sara Busilacchi (CSIRO), Cass Hunter (CSIRO), John Rainbird (TSRA), Vic McGrath (TSRA), Miya Isherwood (TSRA), Fiona Morseu (TSRA), Cr. Fraser Nai (TSIRC); Building resilient communities for Torres Strait futures; 5th November 2014.


Video to accompany the presentation can be viewed here.

Johnson, J.E., Marsh, H., Hamann, M., Duke, N., Burrows, D., Bainbridge, S., Sweatman, H., Brodie, J., Bohensky, E., Butler, J., Laurance, S. (2015) Tropical Research in Australia’s Torres Strait region.


Having locals identify environmental research needs for their own community is a key step to ensuring that research is relevant, appropriate and desirable for communities. Communities of the Torres Strait are no exception to this and three island communities in particular are the focus of a research project funded by the Australian Government’s Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility (MTSRF) Transition Program. This factsheet summarises the results of a study on environmental research needs in a number of Torres Strait communities, which also involved staff of the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA) Land and Sea Management Unit (LSMU). The core aim of this project was to attempt to ensure that knowledge generated from future applied research arrangements is appropriate and useful for end-users throughout the Torres Strait. These end-users for future research include government agencies such as the TSRA, leaders and representatives (such as island councillors, island managers and Prescribed Body Corporate members), elders, and locals living in the communities where research is being conducted.

An update brochure of what's going on with the NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub Torres Strait projects.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Torres Strait node for January to June 2013.


A snapshot of the research progress within the Torres Strait node for July to December 2013.


ABC Radio Australia

02 October 2012

Australia's peak scientific body says Papua New Guinea's growing population is more of an immediate threat to the region's sustainability than climate change.

James Butler, leader of CSIRO's environment and development team, who released the report, says the window of opportunity for aid spending on the problem is "pretty small."

"We've probably got about 10, 15, 20 years to really get it right," Mr Butler told Radio Australia's Asia Pacific. Read more




This project is exploring potential future scenarios for the Torres Strait and will identify ‘no regrets’ strategies to improve livelihoods and achieve sustainable economic development. The project will help to deliver ongoing initiatives promoting climate adaptation, alternative livelihoods and economic development in the region.




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